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Bring The Artemis Mission Home With Hands-On Activities
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Bring The Artemis Mission Home With Hands-On Activities


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About This Lesson

Welcome to the Artemis Generation—a generation of new explorers, engineers, scientists, and inventors who will help people around the world reach into space to create outposts on the Moon and, one day, on Mars.

The Artemis I launch is NASA’s first step in its ambitious project to test the powerful new Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and send the Orion spacecraft nearly a quarter-million miles from Earth and into lunar orbit. Though this first mission is unmanned, it paves the way for many other exciting explorations over the next decade.

A new space station, Gateway, will serve as an orbital outpost. From there, astronauts will conduct landing expeditions to investigate the surface of the Moon. Scientists and engineers will use the information they collect to develop new technologies that will someday lead future generations to Mars and beyond.

But you don’t need to wait! Grab some supplies and try these four hands-on STEM activities right at home. You’ll simulate the most important stages of the Artemis mission. Using official NASA resources, you’ll build your own SLS rocket prototype, design an Orion spacecraft to orbit the Moon, experiment with ways to deliver a lunar lander to exactly the right spot, and learn to identify the Moon’s natural structures so you can navigate the surface.

So get ready to grow your science and engineering skills as you train to explore space. You’re part of NASA’s Artemis Generation now!



Bring The Artemis Mission Home With Hands-On Activities - Science Friday.pdf

Lesson Plan
February 17, 2023
5.37 MB
We Go as the Artemis Generation
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DIY Space: Build and Launch a Foam Rocket
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Create and Test a Model Space Module
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Learning Space: Make a Spacecraft Land on Target
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DIY Space: How to Make a Crater
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Why the Moon?
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