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Science Lessons for PreK and Elementary School

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Science Lessons for PreK and Elementary School


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Science Lessons for PreK and Elementary School

About This Collection

Fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity about the natural world in young learners is essential, and our collection of PreK and elementary science teaching resources is designed to do just that. These materials, perfect for teachers and guardians, offer a wide range of activities, experiments, and lesson plans that cover various aspects of science, from exploring life cycles and ecosystems to understanding the basics of physics and chemistry. Each resource is crafted to engage young minds, encourage questions, and make learning about science an exciting adventure. This collection aims to lay a strong foundation in scientific thinking and problem-solving skills, setting students on a path of discovery and exploration.

What scientific topics do elementary students learn about?

  • Living Things: Understanding the characteristics of living vs. non-living things.
  • Plant and Animal Life Cycles: Exploring how plants and animals grow and change.
  • The Five Senses: Discovering how we use our senses to observe the world.
  • Weather and Seasons: Learning about different weather patterns and the four seasons.
  • Simple Physical Science: Introduction to basic concepts of physics like motion, light, and sound.

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