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Byzantine Empire Hyperdoc Template for Teachers, Parents and students especially during social isolation


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About This Lesson

Byzantine Empire Hyperdoc Template. I have included the he National Byzantines Museum virtual tours gives you access to virtual tours. The National Byzantines Museum is linked below in web resources. They advertise: "Roman Empire from Italy to a strategic location far to the east. The new imperial capital rose on the site of the ancient city of Byzantium on the Bosporus Strait linking the Aegean and Black Seas. Dedicated in 330 and renamed Constantinople (now Istanbul), the city became the largest and wealthiest in Christendom, dazzling European and Russian visitors. The old name, Byzantium, is used to refer to the Byzantine Empire, which lasted for more than a millennium before falling to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

The Byzantines called themselves Romaioi (Romans) and Constantinople “New Rome.” It was the seat of a government that perpetuated many Roman administrative and judicial practices. Byzantium was also heir to ancient Greek learning and literature. The most basic component of Byzantine culture was the Christian religion, which profoundly influenced the visual arts and permeated all aspects of life. Church and state were tightly intertwined in a society ruled by an emperor hailed as “Christ’s vice-regent.”

Heaven and EarthArt of Byzantium from Greek Collections is the first exhibition devoted toByzantine art at the Gallery. It presents life inByzantium through approximately 170 works ofart dating from the inception of the empire to itsclose. Drawn from collections throughout Greece,they include sculpture, mosaics, icons, frescoes,manuscripts, metalwork, jewelry, glass, embroideries,coins, and ceramics. "

It is amazedly wonderful. Do not miss the chance to see it live.



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