Checklist for Trusting Internet Sources

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Checklist for Trusting Internet Sources

The first document is a 6 step checklist for students to evaluate if their Internet source can be trusted. The 6 steps are spelling, author's identity, author's credentials, date of publication, educational/information nature of the website (college/university affiliation, advertisement prevalence), and corroboration with other sources. The second document is similar, but more detailed, along with a section to take notes from the source towards proving your thesis/claim.

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July 2017
This is the most student-friendly explanation of how to test a website for credibility that I have seen! I will use it with my students and share it with my colleagues. Thank you so much!!!
December 2015
Great resource! The CRAP test is exactly what I needed. I am giving an extra credit assignment for students who bring in bogus news stories from social media platforms. Students can find stories such as "Mars to be the size of the full moon" or "the Earth will be in 4 days of darkness" or "Abraham Lincoln owned slaves" or whatever. I'm going to try this resource next semester. Thanks for sharing.
December 2013
Really helpful resource. All students are capable of using this tool.