Children's Self Assessment Smiles

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Use these in any class at the end of each topic in each subject. I ask the children to circle the face and description they feel appropriate and leave it upside down on their desk; so that only the two of us see it. I also use these cards at the end of the session as a quick show me exercise if I’m not really sure how well the children have understood something. I also have enlarged versions of each smile and description on the wall as a reminder for the children and myself. I have them laminated; the children simply write on them with a drywipe marker.

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July 2016
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January 2016
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February 2008
We review with traffic light circles. I like these faces- will print onto stickers & can be stuck into children's books each time. I've colored red, orange & green. Thanks for the idea.
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February 2008
thanks- these look a good idea. Will give them a try!