Christmas: 1-More 1-Less Bingo

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Christmas: 1-More 1-Less Bingo

Base board shows christmas tree with numbered ornaments. Separate ornaments with 1 less or 1 more numbers 1-10 and 11-20 as cards to cut up and cover number on christmas tree.


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July 2016
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January 2016
November 2012
The only problem with this activity is that when I printed the game pieces, more than half of the number was cut off "1 less than 10" - the 10 is hardly there. this is the case with ALL of the pieces. I will have to write them in. :( I like the activity though.
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December 2009
Thank you. Some of my children have been struggling with this concept and this will be a fun way of reinforcing it.
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December 2008
this is exactly the type of group activity that I was looking for. Could very easily be modified to include numbers higher than 20 on the base board.Thank you for taking the tiime to share.