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Civic Education Resources from the CivXNow Coalition for Civic Learning Week


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About This Lesson

Civics education is essential to ensuring each and every person across this country is equipped with the necessary tools to engage as members of our self-governing society. That makes you, the classroom teacher, a core pillar of what sustains our communities, states, and nation, both today—in the present—and in the future. Thank you!

The CivXNow Coalition, a project of iCivics, is a nonpartisan, ideologically diverse coalition of over 325 organizations who believe in you and this important work you do. We asked our coalition members who create classroom resources (lessons, curricula, and professional development) to support teachers like you to choose one resource that embodies the best of their work. 

We hope to provide you this as an annual Civic Learning Week (March 11-15, 2024) present with deep appreciation to you for the work you do each day. Please find the resources below and then check out these partners’ sites to see more of their work as you are interested.

Please note: the resources below should be interpreted as a general collective of submitted learning materials, not the individual views of a person nor the stance of their organizations or the coalition.



CivXNow_ Coalition Resources For Civic Education.pdf

Lesson Plan
March 7, 2024
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