Classroom Rules and Procedures

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This classroom management resource will help you consider the classroom rules you establish to govern student behavior and the classroom procedures students will need follow. This is an excellent resource especially for new teachers and can be adapted for any grade level. Aligned with CCSS: SL.7.1, SL.8.1, SL.9-10.1 Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-TE, ECE-TE-cl CM_LP

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April 2018
August 2017
Very useful resources. I can definitely use most of them in my first grade class.
May 2017
Good, really good
December 2016
Very useful resource. I will surely try it out with my pupils
November 2016
its a very important resource.
September 2016
Love the idea with the sticks. Never thought about doing the tips in a color so that if turned upside down, I just don't pick that one. Brilliant idea
August 2016
Very useful resource! I'm using it in training assistant teachers and the result is very good!
August 2016
September 2014
Annette Gervase has a good idea with the sticks. I put sticks in a jar and pulled one out to call on that student. After the student had been called upon, the would relax. To solve that problem I told them that their stick would be put back in the jar. What I did though, was color the tip of the stick red and put it upside down, so I would not put out that stick again, but they didn't know that little trick.
December 2013
Great resource for mentors to use with new teachers. Also helpful review for veteran teachers.
June 2013
Good resource for new teachers to set classroom rules. Geared toward Elementary, it can be adapted for almost any subject or grade level.
September 2012
Very useful resource!