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Classroom Rules and Procedures

Grade Level Grades K-12
Resource Type Handout, Lesson Plan


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This classroom management resource will help you consider the classroom rules you establish to govern student behavior and the classroom procedures students will need follow. This is an excellent resource especially for new teachers and can be adapted for any grade level. Aligned with CCSS: SL.7.1, SL.8.1, SL.9-10.1 Appropriate for Early Childhood Education (Pre-K and younger). ECE-TE, ECE-TE-cl CM_LP

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12 Reviews
Thank you so much for your comment, Anna! You brought up an excellent point, and so we reviewed the resource and have now updated it so that in no longer mentions lining students up by gender.
Megan Ortmeyer
November 25, 2020
Thanks for the resources. I would find a different way to line students up- doing boy/girl sets up a separation that is unnecessary. And for some students, the binary distinction may not apply.
October 15, 2020
April 08, 2018
Very useful resources. I can definitely use most of them in my first grade class.
August 06, 2017
Good, really good
May 04, 2017

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