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Common Sense Media: Free Educational Apps, Games and Websites

Subject ArtsDrama, Music, Visual ArtsEnglish Language ArtsLanguage, Reading Foundational Skills, Reading Skills, Reading Standards for Fiction, Reading Standards for Informational Text, Speaking and Listening, WritingHealth and WellnessAlcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Growth and Development, Injury Prevention and Safety, Mental, Emotional and Social Health, Personal and Community Health, Physical Development, Safety and Injury PreventionMathAlgebra, Counting, Counting and Cardinality, Expressions and Equations, Fractions, Functions, Geometry, Mathematical Functions, Measurement and Data, Measuring, Number Recognition, Number and Operations in Base 10, Number and Quantity, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Shapes, Statistics and Probability, The Number SystemScienceBiology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Space Science, Engineering, Technology, and Application of Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Physics, Science and Engineering Practices, Scientific Method, Scientific Thinking, Scientific Thinking and InquirySocial StudiesAmerican Revolution, Ancient Civilizations, Change Related to Familiar People and Places, Civic Participation, Civics and Government, Civil Rights, Colonies, Current Events, Economics, Exploration, Geography, Government, Great Depression, Historical Thinking, Immigration, Knowledge of Human Characteristics, Knowledge of Life in a Community, Middle Ages, Native Americans, Prehistory, Research Skills, The Civil War, The Renaissance, US Government, US History, World Geography, World History, World War I, World War II
Grade Level PreK, Grades K-12


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If you’re concerned about finding websites, apps and movies that are appropriate for you kids while you’re at home? Common Sense Media has a list of free apps, games and websites that are rated and ready for your kids to use at home.

Access their recommended list here:

More resources for educators:


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