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Free Online Resources and Lesson Plans for Educators, Parents and Students


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Free Online Resources and Lesson Plans for Educators, Parents and Students
#2 Collection 2020

About This Collection

Free Online Resources and Lesson Plans: Adjusting to Remote Classrooms and Learning

In March of 2020, we became homeschool parents and distance learning teachers with little warning. While many schools have fully reopened for the 2021/22 school year, with growing concerns around the Delta variant, it is important to be prepared for school closures again. As we look to ever shifting levels of schools being reopen fully, partially or not at all, these resources can be helpful for remote learning and schooling from home. 

We know remote learning is overwhelming. That's why we are continuing to build our collection of resources on the coronavirus and remote learning for parents and educators. This resource list features free online tools for both educators and parents. From free online communication tools, like Zoom, or free online classes, we broke down our recommendations by age group and topic to make it easy to find something for everyone. As you explore each resource, you will receive instructions on how to directly access the free resources now, or find thousands of free lessons already added to Share My Lesson by our partners.

As you continue to balance the new normal, be sure to let us know what else should be on this list. What free online resources have been helpful to you? Comment here.