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Community in Crisis: literacy and leadership through digital gaming!

Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Activity
Standards Alignment
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Reviews the game titled Community in Crisis, students are Director at the Common Ground Community Center. They work alongside their staff to reconcile competing organizational priorities and make critical decisions about serving the needs of a diverse community.

And in this particular episode of Community in Crisis, when things start disappearing from the office, alarm bells go off in people's minds: was this the work of the Youth Task Force? Everyone has strong opinions about how to increase safety. The director must address the security issue without making people feel unwelcome.

Are your students ready to be the boss, make big decisions, and gain critical literacy and leadership skills along the way?

Suggested Usage:

1. Watch our fun introductory video (see below)

2. Explore the offline preparation lessons for Community in Crisis right here on Share My Lesson.

3. Play the online episode of Community in Crisis.



Community in Crisis Preparation Lesson for Educators and Students.pdf

February 13, 2020
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