Vital Signs: literacy and leadership through digital gaming!

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In the game titled Vital Signs, students are Medical Director at the Be Well Family Clinic. They balance the responsibilities of providing critical patient care and running an office with various demands from staff.

And in this particular episode of Vital Signs, Sofia Reyes believes she has an obscure disorder she read about on the internet! Marianne thinks that Sofia suffers from anxiety and recommends counseling. The medical director must decide whether to fully investigate Sofia's physical factors or urge her to enter counseling.

Are your students ready to be the boss, make big decisions, and gain critical literacy and leadership skills along the way?

  1. Watch our fun introductory video (see below)

 2. Explore the offline preparation lessons for Vital Signs right here on Share My Lesson (see link below)

 3. Play the online episode of Vital Signs.

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