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Current Missions of the Department of the Peacekeeping Operations

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Statistics: Current Missions of the Department of the Peacekeeping Operations


Collect, present or manipulate data using mathematical tools as numeracy, graphs, statistics representations, percentages, ratios, probabilities or mathematical modeling give students the possibility to deepen the global issues using mathematical tools. 

Analyse, discuss, interpret, reasoning or critical thinking help students to understand the global issues and to define their attitude and behavior as global citizens. 

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Consulting, analyzing, discussing and organizing various data provided by the United Nations gives the students the opportunity to become conscious about:

  • the conflict areas existing on the globe
  • the problems which generate the conflict
  • the mission of the United Nations.  

One or two questions can be solved as a whole-class activity and then students can work in groups of 3-4 with at least one computer per group. For both parts, an internet connection is not necessary, except for question 3. and 4. for part B. The lesson could be done very well without these questions or assigning this requests as homework. 

Student Outcomes

  • Select and organize data 
  • Analyse, discuss and interpret data 
  • Reading and reasoning under statistics
  • Make statistics after data on different topics
  • Reading statistics
  • Drawing graphs after being given statistics 
  • Represent statistics in multiple graphs forms using different software
  • Determine ratios, percentages, probabilities 
  • Mathematical modeling of a  statistic phenomena


2 - 3 class of 45  minutes 


6-8 Mathematics/ Technology - Part A.

8- 10 Mathematics/Technology - Part B. 

Materials and Tools

Technology including software and files

calculators, software (Word, Pages, Excel, Numbers), internet connection

Suggested resources or equipment needed

UN Peacekeeping-Background Note

Peacekeeping Operations (PKO)

Troop and Police Contributors

PKO contributors on 31 January 2017

PKO contributors related by mission and country on 31 January 2017

PKO fact sheet at 31 January 2017

Gender statistics by mission


For a better commitment of the students in this topic I suggest to watch before the activity one of the inspirational and motivational videos above: 

United Nations: Peace is a full-time job

United Nations: Fanfare for all people

UN Messenger of Peace: Leonardo di Caprio


If the teacher wants to deepen the technological tools of the students or to fix the statistical representation of data during the activities, a large panel of this form of representations can be approached from the following link:


Students need to know how to select and manipulate data in order to determine different statistics, to calculate the mean, the range, the mid-range, the mode or the median of a row of data, to determine percentages, to draw graphs, to use different forms of statistical representation.  

Teaching Notes

Depending on the group, the teacher can differentiate the given exercises on a flexible repartition such that students from every group to be challenged at an appropriate load.


The teacher and groups can confront their results after fulfilling the activity. The final products of their work can be sent in a common i-space so that the teacher can check after classes all the groups work. The assessment of the individual or group homework can be chosen also. 




February 13, 2020
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