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Debate club! Should right whales be better protected?

Debate club! Should right whales be better protected?


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About This Lesson

Activity: Uncharted waters

Description | 60 mins

Media: Right whales are in big trouble in Atlantic waters. Right whales are being forced out of the Bay of Fundy to find food in the cooler waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. There are new dangers in this territory, as shipping lanes and fishing gear can create a killing matrix for whales. Anisha, Boris, whale scientist Moira Brown and others are putting their heads together to find solutions before time runs out ...

Activity: Town hall -  The snow crab fishery was closed early in 2018 to protect returning right whales. Students are asked to think about that closure from four different perspectives and form an opinion. 

Go the extra nautical mile - Invite your class to have a debate using the perspectives they have formed.

  • Want a Google Slides version? We offer a Google Slides version of the activity, a Microsoft Powerpoint version of the activity, and a PDF version of the activity on the Ocean School website.

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