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Disney Nature Earth Educator Guide

Grade Level Grades K-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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This guide is designed to assist educators in creating materials to harness the educational value of earth in their own region. The activities are grouped for different age ranges and can all be adapted up or down the age range to suit local curriculum requirements. Equally, it is intended that educators should select from the suggested activities those that most suit the educational context within which they will be used.

Table of Contents

k-12 National science Education standards

The earth and the sun

Solar Energy

The Tilted Planet

The Changing Seasons

The Sun and the Forests

The Sun and the Water Cycle

The Okavango Delta

The Desert Trek of the Kalahari Elephants


The great migrations 

The Caribou Trail

The 4,000-mile journey of the Humpback Whale

Above the Roof of the World: The Demoiselle Cranes


Adaptation and habitat

The Polar Bear

The African Elephant 

The Humpback Whale


Predators and prey

The Lions of Chobe

The Cheetah Hunt

The Great White Shark


Life cycles

The African Elephant

The Polar Bear

The Humpback Whale

The Mandarin Duck

The Bird of Paradise


Background on Disney Nature's Earth

Earth is an inspiring vision: a glorious celebration of a lucky planet and a unique educational experience. Designed to spark a student’s curiosity and imagination with its scale and drama, the film provides a spectacular introduction to key themes of scientific and geographical study



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Lesson Plan
February 13, 2020
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