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Grade Level Grades 3-5


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To teach struggling or beginning Math students how to divide correctly by remembering 5 letters  (DMSBR - Does McDonalds Sell Burgers Round) that will walk them through the division process. KEY STEP: 1. They must put on their LIFE JACKET before getting on my boat:


1. Circle divisor

2.Write letters DMSBR to the side of each division problem and check off each step as they go (there may be 2 columns or more of check marks).


They must practice 2 problems  each night until division is a mastered skill for them. If they don't practice it, they are wasting your time and their future. The biggest problem they face is that there are so many sets of letters they must learn to do different Math skills that they don't know which set fits what skill when they see the test 2 months later. To remember that  DMSBR is for  division, they need to remember that the 5 letters start with a "D" for division.

The Division tips came from brilliant Math teachers that I worked with, from struggling Math students who taught me the steps that they had remembered, and from teachers who taught me 50 years ago (it still works -leave it alone).



DIVISION How to steps DMSBR 2016.docx

February 13, 2020
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4 Reviews
It is meant to help a child be successful at a process they had no understanding of in the past. After the “I just can’t do Math” block is removed from the child , then they are open to learning the meaning. It is about teaching success and opening a mind so the teacher can then teach the value of the numbers. It is like counting on your fingers until you no longer need that process. It is a crutch. I teach remedial 5th graders who still don’t know their Math Facts and can’t add or subtract.I have 20 minutes to try to make up two lost years.
April 08, 2020
The teacher has to walk the child through the process. It is the basic division process for a child once you go through the steps with them. It is not meant to teach anyone as a stand alone handout . The handout is mainly a reminder to help the child once they are at home and trying to do homework. I haven’t had a remedial child yet that could not learn from this process ( made from numerous teacher tips). As always, it takes a “teacher” to lead the way.
April 08, 2020
Place value understanding is critical to success with division. This lesson relies on a procedure with no understanding and a pneumonic device that might cause confusion.
Audra McPhillips
October 25, 2018
The handout is even more confusing than the process explained. There is no understanding of division in this process. Things have changed in the last 50 years.
October 25, 2018