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PICKLEBALL for 4th and 5th graders (24 kids) updated Jan 2022

short court tennis

The fastest growing sport in the U. S.

Grade Level Grades 3-5


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PICKLEBALL  LP for 4th & 5th grade (24 kids) Jan. 2020  (updated Jan 2022)

FL Standards: 

PE.4.C.2.2, PE.4.R.5.1-5.3, PE.4.R.6.1-6.3 (all sports), PE.4.M.1.8

PE.5.C.2.5-2.6, PE.5.M.1.2, PE.5.L.3.2 (BB), PE.5.M.1.1, PE.5.M.1.5 - 1.7, 1.8, PE.5.R.5.2,5.3, PE.5.R.6.2-6.3

   Obj. – To teach skills needed to play the game of pickleball as well as have an understanding of the game rules.

Act. -  3 Pickleball courts set up on  VB court  (makes 3 short PB courts- short by 7 ft.)

 KIS VB Court: 20’ X 30’ Our Net=13 ft wide. COURT 20’ x 44’ (singles & doubles)

                                              same size as badminton court


EQUIPMENT (24 kids): 12 Rackets, 3 NERF balls, 3 courts 

     Net: 36 “ high (34” center)

   BALL for ELEMENTARY  - Number the balls 1, 2, 3 for the court to prevent arguing about balls.

   Day 1, 2: Start with Wilson Youth starter foam balls- 3 for $1

   Day 3 and on: use Pickle ball game ball.

     SET UP:

Elementary COURTS: set up by using VB courts (20’ X 30” on one side) as 3 short PB courts- short by 7'.

 Court 1: End line to spike line   Court 2: Spike line to spike line   Court 3: Spike line to end line

               Tape off “kitchen” area (7’ behind net)- adjust for shorter elem. court.  

               Use VB lines as boundary lines.

KITCHEN: 7’ from net (NO VOLLEY ZONE) space between NET & 1st WHITE LINE-

      Player may not enter “Kitchen” to volley (hit before it bounces) ball- can step into area but can’t volley.

     LEAD UP RULES:  May not want to let elementary students volley due to skill differences.

Day 1,2: 1 class: 4 students/court- 2 on each side- sit on grey line, do not move)

CLASS: 3 courts=12 kids (2 groups: 12 on courts + 12 seated on side line

       1st group (12) plays 5 min, then switch on whistle. Switch every 5 min.

ROUND 1: hit groundstrokes

ROUND 2: sit – explain game, play to 11.                        

RULES: Game goes to 11 pts, ahead by 2. Only score when serving.

SERVE: 1 attempt to get ball in. Serve until side out (diagonally across, beyond “kitchen” area- lands on kitchen line is a fault), next server takes

                                                        their turn. Call score before serving.                                                      

DOUBLES:1st server (R. Side) of GAME gets 1 serve until side out, then serve rotates to opponent. After that, everyone gets 2 Servers.             

                                                                                                     Me-You-Serving # (will always be “1” OR “2”)


Server number (1 or 2) applies for that service turn only. Whoever is on the R. side (depending on the score) when the team gets the serve back is the first server for that service turn only. 

                               SINGLES GAME:  0-0 to start game

SERVING: Who serves first of the pair in pickleball doubles?

Doubles serving rules: service always begins on R. side of the court (player who happens to be on R. side of court when service is taken is the one who serves first).

Singles SERVE: serve from R. side of court if team’s score is even

           (including zero), and from L. side if score is odd. 

          Serve underhand (Upward motion, below waist/navel) to diagonal service court-

                        (between  kitchen (non-volley zone) & baseline).

  • Server can now bounce ball & hit it to serve (Drop serve).

                     2021 Try out Rule: can drop ball and bounce it 1x before serving

FOR Elementary PE (safety)all balls must bounce 1X – no volley.

  • No let serve- hits net and goes in- is playable.(new rule)
  • Serve must bounce 1X before it is returned.
  • A ball on any line is “in.” except when serve lands on non-volley zone line (“Kitchen”) -fault.

BALL for ELEMENTARY  Day 1, 2: Start with Wilson Youth starter foam balls- 3 for $1.                                                                           

                                           Day 3 and on: use Pickleball game ball.                 

CLASS: 1st group (12) plays 5 min, then switch on whistle.

Serve must go diagonally across the court beyond the “kitchen”. If serve lands on the

                   “kitchen” line, serve is a fault.  All other line shots are good.  to find nearby courts



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