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Diwali Art and Lanterns

Grade Level Grades 3-6
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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Plan consists of:

  • True or False activity to learn about the festival
  •  Lantern making as lanterns are a major aspect of Diwali
  • Rangoli chalk drawings which are traditional for Indian Festivals




Lesson Plan
October 23, 2022
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2 Reviews
Those look fantastic
Might be a little difficult for yr 4 but we will give it a go. Great range of activities to keep them entertained
David Robinson
October 23, 2022
Great Plan!
I was trying to find a plan for after half term for my kids at school and came across this. I am definetly going to use this as it is so detailed saves me so much time planning. Would be great for art club too. I work with year 5s and i think they will really enjoy it. I like the fact the first activity includes a way they will learn about the festival too.
Amber Casiot
October 23, 2022

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