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South America Festival masks and Maracas

Grade Level Grades 2-6
Resource Type Lesson Plan


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Plan consists of:

  • True or False activity to learn about Latin American Festivals
  •  Festival mask making
  • Creating Maracas



South America.docx

Lesson Plan
October 23, 2022
5.3 MB
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2 Reviews
Great for yr 4s too
I have downloaded this ready to use with my class. Very informative plan and activities look very engaging.
David Robinson
October 23, 2022
Just came across this when looking at another one of your plans.
I was trying to get ahead of my planning for after half term and when i found your diwali plan i saw this one too. I love the way you structure the plans. I am going to send this one to the art teacher for culture week because the crafts are so fun!
Amber Casiot
October 23, 2022

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