ELL Starter Kit for Educators: Language Skills

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This starter kit provides helpful monitoring forms for PK-12 educators who work with ELL students to find out if they are on track in learning the important academic English skills they need to be successful.

This resource is part of the “For Educators” section of Colorín Colorado—the partnership project between the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the Reading Rockets project of PBS station WETA. The words “Colorín Colorado” are significant because they are part of the popular and playful ending phrase to virtually all children’s stories and fairy tales in Spanish-speaking countries. The meaning is similar to “and they lived happily ever after.”

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    October 2018
    November 2013
    ELL Starter Kit (16 pages) is tailored for Educators that work with ESOL students (Pre-K-12), native Spanish speakers. It includes ELL forms for monitoring oral, fluency and comprehension skills, list of common classroom phrases, and culturally appropriate Bilingual Spanish books (K-12). It also has reading tips for parents available in 11 languages.