Equation of a straight line PowerPoint

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Equation of a straight line PowerPoint

A PowerPoint showing how to find the equation of a straight line in the form y=mx +c; lots of examples including negative and fractional gradients; and some questions for students to try.

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October 2019
Excellent! Thanks for sharing.
November 2018
Wonderful power point !! Wish we could learn to make such power points
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
July 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
January 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
May 2012
fantastic!! lots of examples with answers, very visual and progressing in difficulty. Could also be used as revision tool with mini whiteboards. Love it! Thanks a lot!
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
March 2012
brilliant! lots of examples to go through as a class and lots for students to try, fantastic animations, I wish I could make them like this! Thankyou!
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
December 2011
An excellent powerpoint presentation on the topic of straight line graphs and y=mx + c. It explains perfectly where each of the numbers in an equation comes from and gives a visual explanation. Ideal as the main powerpoint of a lesson if accompanied with some questions for pupils to answer. Nice work!