First Day Student Questionnaire


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REVISED TO REFLECT COMMENT. These 6 questions are for students to answer on the first day of any class, in any grade. The 6 questions are about what makes the student feel successful in class, what the students wants the teacher to know about him/her, what rules will help the class learn best, what skills the student and class need to work on to be successful, what their favorite memory is from the subject (the document says social studies, but it can be changed to any subject), and lastly, what questions they have for the teacher.


December 2015
I think it's a great starter activity. It's an task that students can complete while I am making the initial seating chart and before I discuss the syllabus. Using it. And to give a resource 1 star because of a typo? Lame.
May 2015
I really like this idea. Informal writing seems to me like a great first day of class activity. Thank you for sharing.
March 2015
Thank's for this! I thought the questions were solid. AISteacher, the questions are on Word, not a PDF. You could definitively tweak or change them. There's no need to be a jerk about it.