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Foreign Policy Game, Convene the Council
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Foreign Policy Game, Convene the Council


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About This Lesson

Global tensions are rising in Europe and the COVID-19 pandemic is entering its third year. There is perhaps no more important time for students to build an understanding of our interconnected world and how policy decisions made in the United States affect other countries. To support learning about U.S. foreign policy, we’ve released Convene  the Council, developed in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations.

In Convene the Council, students take on the role of President of the United States and respond to world events with the support of their National Security Council. They will learn to:

  • Address international crises through strategic action
  • Weigh the pros and cons of various policy options
  • Delegate action to appropriate government agencies and departments
  • Work to improve core metrics of U.S. prosperity, values, security, and world health

Play the game and explore:

  • A game guide and Extension Pack full of resources to facilitate in-depth conversations with students, including a customizable slide deck.
  • Accessibility for English and Multilingual Learners with a Spanish version of the game, English voice over, and an embedded glossary.

This game was made in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, with support from The Peter G. Peterson Fund – New York Community Trust.



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