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Foundations of Multiplication and Division

Grade Level Grades K-2
Resource Type Lesson Plan
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Common Core State Standards


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This resource is part of a 4 lesson module. Topic A-D includes multiplication, division, odd and even numbers.This resource includes the overview, lesson plans assessments and activities. The resource is from EngageNY and licensed through Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US). CCSS: 2.OA.3, 2.OA.4, 2.G.2, 1.OA.7, 2.NBT.2, 2.NBT.6, MP.3, MP.4, MP.7, MP8.




Lesson Plan
February 13, 2020
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Determine whether a group of objects (up to 20) has an odd or even number of members, e.g., by pairing objects or counting them by 2s; write an equation to express an even number as a sum of two equal addends.
Use addition to find the total number of objects arranged in rectangular arrays with up to 5 rows and up to 5 columns; write an equation to express the total as a sum of equal addends.
Partition a rectangle into rows and columns of same-size squares and count to find the total number of them.
Understand the meaning of the equal sign, and determine if equations involving addition and subtraction are true or false.
Count within 1000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s.
Add up to four two-digit numbers using strategies based on place value and properties of operations.


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