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Gender Binarism 101
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Gender Binarism 101


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About This Lesson

A high school or workplace / community group- appropriate lesson on the concept of gender binarism and LGBTQ rights. The lesson focuses on gender binarism in the media and policies related to normalizing different gender identities in modern society. 

This lesson was produced by a group of Senior Students at College of Staten Island High School for International Studies as part of their Senior Exit Capstone Project on Gender Binarism Awareness.

Enjoy this lesson on gender binarism?

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Genderbread person image courtesy of Sam Killermann 



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February 13, 2020
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February 10, 2020
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Identify opportunities for and the role of the individual in social and political participation in the school, local, and/or state community.
Fulfill social and political responsibilities associated with citizenship in a democratic society and interdependent global community by developing awareness of and/or engaging in the political process.
To investigate problems and opportunities the United States faces in its immediate future
Identifying and defining world regions
attach a modem to a computer system and telephone line, set up and use communications software, connect to various on-line networks, including the Internet, and access needed information using e-mail, telnet, gopher, ftp, and web searches.
1 Reviews
October 04, 2018
A fantastic guide for students, teachers, parents or anyone looking to better understand the concept of gender binarism. Clearly written, easy to comprehend and a list of sources.
Katie Gould
May 22, 2017