Helping Children Thrive - Child Health Survey Report

American Federation of Teachers

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We know that children’s health and well-being are intimately linked to their ability to learn and grow—and, ultimately, to gaps in achievement and equity that plague too many communities. Yet, too many obstacles still stand in the way as we fight to ensure everyone can climb the ladder of opportunity.

The AFT maintains its strong commitment to children’s health. Our resolve weaves through our work: growing community schools, improving access to school nurses and health professionals, retrofitting school buildings and promoting green cleaning, serving school meals high in nutrition, and reducing child labor and trafficking. Recognizing the relationship between health and learning, AFT Secretary-Treasurer Lorretta Johnson recently called for a new program focused on children’s health, safety and well-being. To inform the focus of this program, a survey was sent out to AFT members and leaders nationwide in November 2014. The survey responses determined our program’s priorities, as set forth in this report.

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