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How to Be Self-confident at Your Workplace
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How to Be Self-confident at Your Workplace


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About This Lesson

Do you ever feel you're adding massive value to the business that you worked for but you don't feel confident in the workplace? Do you ever feel like you're never fully recognized for the results that you get? Instead, its other people that get the recognition, the reward, the pay rise and the promotions. The problem may have absolutely nothing to do with the quality and the quantity of your work, but everything to do with how you are perceived. Perception is reality, and this is where you're judged by other people. The good news is that you can feel confident in the workplace, and you absolutely can positively influence and change the way that people perceive you. 

Proactively Take on New Responsibilities

Maybe you only feel confident in certain scenarios or circumstances. It's time to take stock of the effect this is having on you and your career. For most companies, there are limited budgets, time, and attention that will be given by managers to employees. There are limited financial budgets in terms of who and how to reward each person. So you need to take on additional responsibilities and demonstrate to the business and managers that you can handle whatever work may come your way.


Those managers that you work for, maybe at a Montreal office space, will absolutely understand and recognize confidence or lack of it in the workplace. The more that you can demonstrate confidence in the tasks that you perform, the more confidence people will have in giving you new opportunities. These might be opportunities to take on new responsibilities, to get training, and to be the person that fills in for your boss or someone else in the higher level of authority when they're at the office. This decision is never taken by accident and is always a good indicator that people have confidence in you.

Look the Part

It may seem shallow to you, but human beings have evolved to make very quick judgments of each other. The reason that you make these superficial judgment so quickly is just because in the past you needed this to know whether someone was going to be a friend or foe. So people judge you on your appearance, and then they add more data to decide their opinion of you. The question to ask yourself in the workplace is, are you someone that looks professional? If you work in a professional environment, you should look like the part for the role that you're taking on. Your physical appearance should be at what you could understand to be the highest level. Does it look like you take care of yourself? Because if not, that means your colleagues will look at you and will subconsciously make a decision. 

Personal Grooming

Get an appropriate hairstyle and take care of your oral hygiene. Also, take care of the biggest, most visible organ in your body, which is, of course, your skin. In addition, think about your clothing because people do judge you on your clothing. So what represents the highest level of clothing that you can wear within the environment that you're in on? It may cost you some money to upgrade from where you currently are, but this is where you can get the benefits.

Finally, think about your posture. How you carry yourself day to day, how you interact with people and how they see you holding yourself will tell them whether you are confident or not. On the other side of it, how you hold yourself will also tell your brain subconsciously how confident you are feeling. If you stand up tall and straight with your shoulders back, you will be able to project yourself in a more confident way and you'll get better results. If you spend a lot of time in front of a screen like many people do now, you may already have the banana look. It's not a good look, and if you do, there's a number of exercises and things that you can do.



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