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How to help students below their age appropriate developmental level for social emotional learning


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Grade Level Grades K-12
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About This Lesson

This social emotional learning lesson is provided by First Book.

Studies show that, tragically, more than half of young people in the US have experienced some sort of childhood trauma. As many educators work directly or indirectly with children and youth who are coping with trauma in their young lives, First Book created the Trauma Toolkit in partnership with the Maryland State Education Association. 

Take a look at an excerpt from the Trauma Toolkit that answers the educator question: "How do I help my students if they are below their age appropriate developmental level for social emotional learning?". This excerpt includes a bit about the research behind the concept, key strategies, and an actionable activity. 

In addition, watch a 3 minute video introduction to the Trauma Toolkit: The 4 Key Things Children Who Have Experienced Trauma Need.  Hear from Julye Williams, First Book's Director of Resource Development, as she breaks down a key takeaway from the toolkit: the 4 key things children who have experienced trauma need.

Educators serving kids in need, including all staff from Title I eligible schools or programs serving 70% or more children from low-income families, can sign up with First Book for free to access the entire Trauma Toolkit at:

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February 13, 2020
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How Educators Can Support Children Who Have Experienced Trauma (Part 1 of 3)
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