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Indigenous Autonomy: Interactive timeline and postcard activity about the Haíɫzaqv Nation

Grade Level Grades 7-9


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Resource: Herring Chronicles

Description | 10 mins

Media: A curated timeline of news stories highlighting the Haíɫzaqv’s long struggle to win back their rights to manage the herring fishery, which has sustained them for thousands of years. This timeline chronicles bureaucratic and legal challenges which the Haíɫzaqv have had to face, while also celebrating Indigenous autonomy, perseverance, and the spirit of gvi’las.

  • See the media: Ocean School makes media/activity combinations. Each piece of media is linked to an activity. You can access this interactive timeline by visiting the Ocean School website or by visiting the direct link here. If you like this video, you can see all of the available resources in the Ocean School Resource Catalogue. Everything in Ocean School is provided free to the public.
  • About the Indigenous content
    This content was filmed and developed on unceded Haíɫzaqv homelands and waterways in direct collaboration with members of the Haíɫzaqv Nation. The Haíɫzaqv are an Indigenous Nation living in (what is currently) Canada's province of British Columbia. We are sincerely grateful to the Haíɫzaqv Nation for allowing Ocean School to be guests in their territory, for sharing their stories and knowledge, and for collaborating with us for this module. All Haíɫzaqv language use in Ocean School content is overseen by the Heiltsuk integrated resource management department.

Activity: Postcard - Students create a postcard that captures the details of one event in the Wán̓aí (herring) chronicles timeline.

  • Teaching tip: Indigenous cultures are contemporary cultures (i.e. they don't only exist in history). Make sure your classroom resources show the continuity of Indigenous cultures from past to present.
  • Alert: Approach discussion of residential schools with sensitivity. Counselling support may be appropriate for some learners.
  • Want a Google Slides version? We offer a Google Slides version of the activity, a Microsoft Powerpoint version of the activity, and a PDF version of the activity on the Ocean School website

About Ocean School
This is a free educational resource from the Canadian Government about the ocean, through the Ocean Frontier Institute at Dalhousie University and the National Film Board of Canada. Ocean School provides free, media-rich, ocean-based resources in multiple subjects for students in grades 5–12. Created by educators, scientists and storytellers, these interactive learning materials help students understand our influence on the ocean and the ocean’s influence on us. Ocean School is ad-free and requires no login for teacher or student.

Available in French
Check out the Resources tab for the French activity sheets and media.
Or check out the French Ocean School page.

Please note: Ocean School activities are not stand-alone lessons (they do not cover all aspects of one topic or subject) but instead supplement learning through dynamic and engaging experiences.

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