Intro to Irish Dance Instructional

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Ever wanted to learn Irish Dance? In this simple, step-by-step intro class students can learn basic Irish Dance in one lesson! 

Included are: the Dance Instruction Video; activities including individual, small group, entire class, as well as, short and long term activities; student handouts that support the activities; teacher supplemental that support the activities; audio files to support practice and performance dance. 

Time range: 45 minutes - 2 hours
Time depends on how much the teacher would like to spend. The instructional video is about 15min. To truly learn the steps will take between 30-45 min (starting and stopping the video).

Space is needed for this module - students will be learning how to dance!
...or - homework can be assigned to learn the dance by giving them the link to the video and music.

This is an adaptable module that allows the teacher flexibility in both time and activities. The dance video can stand alone, or be partnered with student activities which can be 45 minutes, several hours, or even a month or more for a group project. 

Before getting started, take a few minutes to read the "Read Me First" file. It will explain the entire process and flexibility of the education module. 

There are a variety of activities to choose from for students to participate in. Some activities are individual which can be done in the classroom or taken as homework. Others have a group or presentation aspect. Supplemental material is included for many of the activities whether in handout form or additional information.

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