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Introduction or Review: Central Idea & Literary Devices Posters/Assignment


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About This Lesson

Teacher Directions: The attached graphic organizers (or "cheat sheets" is what I like to call them) have been created to introduce and/or review central idea and a variety of literary devices. Students are to create their own using an example and image that represents that particular literary device.

Teacher may select just one literary device to review or give students a choice. Each class is different, so you decide what works best for your population. Students can complete the assignment on paper or may use other platforms to complete it digitally (depending on how you assign it). You can easily differentiate with this assignment!

Literary Devices included are: conflict, characterization, point of view, setting, mood, tone, imagery, symbolism, flashback, foreshadowing, irony, diction, repetition, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, allusion


  • You can easily use these individually with your own poems, short stories, novels excerpts...
  • I have found these particularly helpful for students who struggle (students who have special needs (504/IEP), English Language Learners...
  • When students complete this assignment you can hang them up in the classroom and/or use student examples when you teach the lesson in the future
  • This assignment assists students with skills required for Part 3 of the NYS Regents Exam



FINAL Assignment with central idea literary devices posters Crystal Madsen.pdf

Review Activity
February 10, 2023
11.5 MB


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