Key Words in Food Technology - Crossword Puzzles + Wordsearch

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Crossword puzzles using words and definitions from the Key words in Food Technology Powerpoint.
1. Additives to Consumer.
2. Additives to Consumer - Answers
3. Continuous-flow to Hazard
4. Continuous-flow to Hazard - Answers
5. High risk food to Organoleptic
6. High risk food to Organoleptic - Answers
7. Portion to Trend
8. Portion to Trend - Answers
9.Wordsearch using all the words.
10.Wordsearch using all the words - Answers


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July 2016
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January 2016
April 2013
These are great! I was looking for that little extra for my food safety classes and these are just perfect. I am so glad I came across your web site. I will be visiting frequently! Thank you!
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February 2010
I use these at the end of practicals when studnets are standing around waiting for everybody else to finish. Thanks a lot
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April 2009
Thanks for sharing this. It will be extremely useful.
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July 2008
Will be extremely useful and very much appreciated.
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September 2007
Great to use as extra work for early finishers or as little fun homework tasks
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April 2007
Really handy resource to use, will start using it in class straight away