Kindergarten Numeracy plans

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Kindergarten Numeracy plans

<p>These plans are for Kindergarten! Hope they are helpful!</p>

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July 2016
SML_Member's picture SML_Member
January 2016
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March 2012
Thanks Thee plans have been really useful and helped saved me some time.
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June 2009
Hi, <br/> <br/>Your plans look great. It is cheeky to ask and I hope you don't mind but have you planning for Block B unit 3? I qualified 9 weeks ago and am supply teaching until the end of term. I am planning until midnight every night and all weekend just to keep afloat. <br/>The children in the class I am supplying for have had four teachers this year and I don't want to let them down due to my lack of experience. <br/> <br/>Thanks so much for reading my message <br/> <br/>Emma
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January 2009
I planned something similar last year. Looking for new ideas. Taught in a dfferent order. E.g. Block A Unit 1, Block B Unit 1, Block C Unit 1 etc. Keep up the good work!