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Let's Get Popping!: Discover Nutritional Information & Fun Facts About Popcorn

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Subject English Language Arts, Health and Wellness — Nutrition
Grade Level Grades 4-8
Resource Type Lesson Plan

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Americans love popcorn! In fact, we consume about 15 billions quarts annually. This teaching kit features activities that encourage students to discover nutritional information and fun facts about popcorn, including its history and where and how it is grown, and challenges students with an online popcorn scavenger hunt.

This program includes:

  • Teacher's guide/lesson plan
  • Three (3) student activities designed to supplement family & consumer sciences, language arts, and health curricula

Visit the PROGRAM SITE for:

  • Complete Teaching Kit
  • Curriculum standards alignment
  • Information about the annual Popcorn Pep Club Contest
  • Links for additional lessons, videos, and teaching resources

Made Possible By: The Popcorn Board


Lesson Plan
January 13, 2022
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