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Lillian's Right to Vote (Book discussion guide)
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Lillian's Right to Vote (Book discussion guide)


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About This Lesson

An elderly African American woman, on her way to vote, remembers her family’s tumultuous voting history. As Lillian makes a “long haul up a steep hill” to her polling place, she sees more than trees and sky—she sees her family’s history. She sees the passage of the Fifteenth Amendment and her greatgrandfather voting for the first time. She sees her parents trying to register to vote. And she sees herself marching in a protest from Selma to Montgomery. Lillian's Right to Vote recalls the battle for civil rights in the U.S. in an account of one woman’s fierce determination to make it up the hill and make her voice heard.

This book discussion guide includes vocabulary, discussion questions, extension activities and additional resources.

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Lillian's Right To Vote Educator Guide.pdf

Lesson Plan
June 6, 2023
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Lillians Right To Vote Parent Guide.pdf

June 6, 2023
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