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Women's Suffrage and Equal Rights: Free Lesson Plans and Resources

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Women's Suffrage and Equal Rights: Free Lesson Plans and Resources


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Women's Suffrage and Equal Rights: Free Lesson Plans and Resources

About This Collection

Why Teaching Women's Suffrage Matters

In an era in which the pursuit of equality continues to be a universal theme, educating new generations about the importance of women's suffrage and equal rights is of paramount importance. The story of women's suffrage and equal rights is an indispensable chapter of American history, filled with an inspiring struggle for equality, bravery and democracy. 

This collection of teaching resources provides rich insight into the suffragette movement, including the tireless efforts of women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul, who led the fight for the 19th Amendment. Their struggle was not just for the right to vote, but also the recognition of women as equal members of society.

But this story of progress is also a tale of exclusion. It is essential to recognize that the initial movement for women's suffrage largely left out women of color. Despite their significant contributions to the cause, many were systematically marginalized and their voices silenced. Even after the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, discriminatory practices and laws continued to suppress the voting rights of African American, Native American and other women of color.

This unpleasant truth underscores why these resources are particularly vital. They offer an inclusive, comprehensive, and nuanced view of women's suffrage and equal rights, emphasizing not only the triumphs but also the painful lessons of exclusion and discrimination that persist to this day.

The history of women's suffrage is not merely a lesson in civics; it is an important narrative that intertwines with the very fabric of American society. It underscores the value of persistence in the face of adversity, the importance of inclusion, and the continuous journey toward true equality. Most crucially, it serves as a reminder that the fight for equal rights is an ongoing battle, one that requires continuous education, awareness and action.

This collection of teaching resources for preK-12 students on women's suffrage and equal rights is a guide to understanding our history and shaping a future where equality, respect and dignity are active principles. Explore sample resources below, then get started here.

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Educating for Democratic Citizenship

The Shanker Institute in partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, Share My Lesson the and the AFT Innovation Fund has launched this Educating for Democratic Citizenship Project whereby a group of accomplished, experienced AFT educators have developed these Action Civics lessons and materials that we hope will improve teaching and learning of American History, Government, and Civics for teachers and students.