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Top 2019 Lesson Plans: The Best of AFT Share My Lesson

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Top 2019 Lesson Plans: The Best of AFT Share My Lesson


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Top 2019 Lesson Plans: The Best of AFT Share My Lesson

About This Collection

All the Best, New and Top 2019 Free Lesson Plans in One Spot

Looking for easy-to-implement ideas and strategies to unlock the potential of your classroom? Check out the latest top 2019 free lessons and resources that made 2019 such a stellar year for the AFT Share My Lesson community. You’ll find carefully curated lists of the most downloaded and shared lesson plans, activities, webinars from educators, parents and school staff. This robust and practical content is what helps not only our students, but their families and communities.

What makes Share My Lesson such a unique destination for educators, parents and more than 300 content partners are the hundreds of thousands of resources uploaded by youour membersstriving to grow professionally, collaborate with peers and share your expertise. Together, we can support one another in addressing any challenges put forth for our and our students’ well-being and academic success.

How will you make a difference in the way you teach this year? Explore these free, time-saving lesson plan templates and resources to make 2020 the start of the best decade yet.

Beyond the Top 2019 Free Lessons: PD Webinars

For a sample of one of this years most popular webinars, check out the conversation we had with journalist and author Sonia Nazario where we explore the changes occuring with increased migration. For more of this year's top free webinars, scroll down below and check out more of our content.

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