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Making Green Fun!

Grade Level Grades K-5


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The natural world is disappearing around us at an alarming rate. If we as a society do not do something about this we face the destruction of our home planet and quite possibly even our species. The youngest among us right now are our future and it is up to us to teach them the benefits of saving nature for future generations. But, let's face it teaching and learning is not always fun. Who says it can't be though. Here are five activities that make saving the environment cool and fun!

Gardening 101

Gardening with kids is a great activity. For one, children love to get dirty so this is a great way to get them outside, get them dirty, and teach them about nature. While in the garden you can show them different kinds of plants and how to care for them. You could also go on a bug hunt and explain why ladybugs, spiders, and bees are all good for the health of the plants outside. Show them the importance of water and why it is imperative that we do not pollute or waste our waterways. Gardening is a fantastic way to get your kids to connect to nature.


Some outdoor and environmental gadgets can be fun and engaging. A solar panel is a great example of one. With solar panels you could make energy for your phone and with enough you could for your whole house. This is a great way to introduce kids to the idea of renewable resources and sustainable energy. There is something really cool to just know your electronic item is being powered from the sun. There's also a variety of outdoor gadgets geared towards camping and backpacking which brings us to our next topic.


Hiking is a great idea to get kids in and engaged with nature. Nothing teaches environmentalism as effectively as being immersed in it for some time. Being out of doors and surrounded by nature can be a great way for one to see the connections between animals and the land. This can lead to a greater understanding of our importance to protect nature and that in itself is extremely powerful. Even just a few hours spent hiking can inspire awe in children and adults alike. Nature is a very potent muse.

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Bikes can be super fun but, bikes can also be a very effective teacher. Most kids ride when they are little but it fades as they get older. If we encourage our children to use the bicycle as an efficient means of travel and not just a toy we can teach them a thing or two about the environment. With the automobile accounting for almost two thirds of all air pollution and the bicycle being arguably the most efficient means of transportation ever devised by humans. It makes perfect sense to embolden a kids desire to ride.

Treasure Hunting

Cleaning parks and other public spaces together can be another activity that will teach the importance of not polluting and cleaning up after yourself. Be sure not to do this with very young children and bring gloves and other items needed to protect yourselves. Not only does this help clean up but is also a great way to show the younger ones the devastating impact of human waste in our public spaces. You can always call it a treasure hunt since you never know what you will find. Even better get into metal detecting and do some real treasure hunting, just be sure to pick up some trash and talk about keeping the Earth clean while you do it.

Be a Role Model

The best thing you can do to make kids excited about saving the environment is to be an effective role model. Do not just tell them what needs to be done. Have them see you doing what needs to be done. Pick up trash, ride your bike, save water, do what it takes. Walk the walk so you can talk the talk. Have fun with it and children will see that. In response they will want to have fun with you! Always remember to be excellent to the Earth!   


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