Modified RI6.4 Idioms

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In this assessment; the teacher will distribute the worksheets to the student and track data with data sheets. The student will determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text; including figurative; connotative; and technical meanings. I created & used this assessment to monitor my students' (below grade level learners)'\ progress based from the goals in the IEP and the CCSS. Feel free to modify based from your needs!

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May 2018
Can you offer the correct assessment page? The one listed is for simile and metaphors.
October 2015
The assessment link doesn't link to idioms, it links to similes & metaphors.
November 2013
Another good resource. The assessment that is linked in this resource is for RL.6.4 (simile and metaphor).
July 2013
Love your work. Great for a self- contained class with all different levels.