Modified RL6.1 Main Idea & Supporting Details

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In this assessment; the teacher will distribute the worksheets to the student and track data with data sheets. The student will categorize information into main idea or supporting evidence by circling the main idea and underlining the supporting evidence. I created & used this assessment to monitor my students' (below grade level learners) progress based from the goals in the IEP and the CCSS. Feel free to modify based from your needs! Can be used for monitoring IEP goals, too. #NBCT

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February 2019
Looks excellent for monitoring IEP goals
July 2018
Very practical and useful. Thank You
January 2017
What if I am looking for something to test a child who can not read or write due to visual and physical handicaps?
November 2016
November 2013
Great resources for tracking data on goals and objectives related to main idea.