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Our World is a Family by Miry Whitehill and Jennifer Jackson Educator Guide


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About This Lesson

Learn how to welcome new neighbors into your community, particularly when they might be far from home, in this uplifting and diverse picture book that champions human connection and inclusivity. After all, the world is everyone's home and we're one big family!

When we see someone new in our neighborhood, how can we help them feel safe and loved and important?

How can we tell them, you're not alone?

There are so many ways!

From the creators of Miry's List, the nonprofit that has helped thousands of refugees, Our World is a Family is an all-ages picture book exploring the complicated topic of human migration in a gentle, loving, and affirming way. It lightly touches on the reason people might leave their homes, like climate change or lack of safety, and inspires children to welcome their new neighbors into their communities with love.

This resource is great for your summer reading lists. Learn more about summer reading here.




Lesson Plan
April 25, 2022
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