Painting by Negative Numbers

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Far simpler than the negative number maze; this can be used with lower ability students but still has some degree of complexity to some questions.Students should be encouraged to work out all their answers first and then to color using the key (you can check their colors first to make sure they haven't gone wrong). Common mistake - students use the key and apply it to the numbers in the image but these refer to the question numbers. This makes an image of the 4 main South Park characters (upside down to avoid any early guesses).

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July 2016
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January 2016
March 2014
Great way to reinforce this skill!
May 2013
On the coloring part, there are no negative integers. This could be a lot of fun if it had the negatives in there.
October 2012
As I completed the problems and the students got some answers that were positive and others that were negative, how were they to choose which numbers to color in if the numbers in the diagram had no distinction between which were negative and which were positive? Were they just supposed to color in the numbers regardless of the sign? if so, how were they to utilize the different colors assigned to the different signed numbers??
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April 2012
Brilliant activity! My class will love it, thanks!!