Peer Editing a Short Story

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Peer Editing a Short Story

This handout helps students peer edit each other's short stories. Aligned to Common Core State Standards: W.6.5, W.7.5, W.8.5

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December 2015
I do two short stories in my U.S. History class (one about an Immigrant experience and one set in World War II) and grading the stories has always been difficult. I have done peer review, but it's always an extra-credit sort of thing. This handout is going to make the editing process a LOT easier. Thank you for sharing this.
December 2015
Fantastic resource thankyou
February 2014
Very thorough peer editing guide. The questions are great and useful.
December 2013
Fabulous. Can't wait to use this.
June 2013
Love this peer editing idea. The question format adds clarity that a simple check list may lack for those students who have problems formulating questions.
April 2013
Thank you for sharing this. I think it is a great tool for students to use while reviewing each other's writing. Very focused and allows for comments as well as praise.