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PERU - Introductory Worksheet / Interactive Notebook Activity


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About This Lesson

Introduce your students to Peru with two worksheets (plus answer key). Your students will read a brief introduction to Peru (location, capital, flag, language), write 'Lima' next to the star on the map to show the location of the capital, color the small map and flag, and use the map and compass to answer 7 questions on page 2. Colored pencils and a pen or pencil are needed for this activity. No other prep needed. 

For use with Interactive Notebooks: After the worksheets are completed, students can cut out the map and flag and paste into the notebook under the topic of South America/Sub-Topic: Peru. Under the map, your students can write a summary in their own words of what they now know about this country. Collect worksheets for other countries of South America to add to the notebook! Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, and dependent territory French Guiana. Review South America as a whole: South America Countries and Capitals, South America Word Search Puzzle, South America Fill in the Blank, or collect worksheets for each of the 21 Spanish-Speaking Countries: Bundle of Spanish-Speaking Countries.

Thank you so much for using my Geography worksheets in your classroom! 



Use location terms and geographic representations (maps and models) to describe where places are in relation to each other, to describe connections between places, and to evaluate the benefits of particular places for purposeful activities.
Students will identify the continents and oceans, by using globes and maps.
Ask geographic questions about where places are located and why they are located there, using geographic representations, such as maps and models. Describe where places are in relation to each other and describe connections between places.


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