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Spanish Vocabulary Packet - Vegetables
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Spanish Vocabulary Packet - Vegetables


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About This Lesson

Teach VEGETABLES in SPANISH with this packet of 7 printable worksheets. This packet can be used as a supplement to the printable book My Spanish Picture Dictionary, or on its own. Vegetables included: broccoli, corn, celery, onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper, carrot. Las verduras en Español: el tomate, el bróculi, la cebolla, la lechuga, el maíz, la zanahoria, el pimiento, el apio, el pepino

Page 1 and 2: Your students will read and write each word in Spanish next to the picture of each vegetable.

Page 3: Match the vegetable with the correct word in Spanish.

Page 4: Word Search: Find the name of each vegetable in Spanish.

Page 5: Fill in the blank to complete each word in Spanish.

Page 6: QUIZ: Write the word in Spanish next to each vegetable.

Page 7: Answer Key.

Illustrations used with permission from ProLingua Learning, publisher of Coloring in English - A Vocabulary Builder for Beginners by Tracy Speelman. COLORING IN ENGLISH includes 400 words in English with pictures to color and learn.

Spanish Translations by Javier Morales, Bilingual Special Education Advocate and Founder of Parents Ask – Understanding Disabilities One Question at a Time:

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