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Plants In Our Lives
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Plants In Our Lives


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About This Lesson

Students will learn through engaging lessons how plants are an important part of our lives, through exploration in the environment, learning about plant functions, plants as producers, the needs of plants, culminating in the students growing their own plant in a container that they design. This five lesson unit contains suggested time for completion, but can be altered based on time restraints and classroom needs.  



5E Lesson Plan 1_ Plants in the Environment.pdf

Lesson Plan
June 7, 2020
74.22 KB

5E Lesson Plan 2_ Plant Function.pdf

Lesson Plan
June 7, 2020
213.39 KB

5E Lesson Plan 3_ Plants as Producers.pdf

Lesson Plan
June 7, 2020
121.75 KB

5E Lesson Plan 4_ What Plants Need.pdf

Lesson Plan
June 7, 2020
100.79 KB

5E Lesson Plan 5_ Growing and Caring for Plants.pdf

Lesson Plan
June 7, 2020
331.18 KB


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