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Podcast: How School Counselors Handle Children's Trauma

Subject Social Emotional Learning
Grade Level Kindergarten, Grades 1-5
Resource Type Podcast
Attributes Good for Parents

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As an elementary school counselor in Cape Girardeau, Mo., National School Counselor of the Year Olivia Carter has honed in on trauma-informed practices and built a team that is prepared to meet the mental-health needs of their students. Carter shares some of her techniques for vulnerable students and discusses the need for more counselors at the elementary level in this Learning First Alliance #PublicSchoolProud podcast hosted by LFA Executive Director RIchard M. Long.

Carter will be a featured educator on LFA's virtual panel, “Speaking Up for Public Schools: Educators Find Solutions in Uncertain Times,” where a panel of exemplary educators will discuss what has been learned and how public schools can move forward from the Covid-19 pandemic. The event will spotlight social-emotional learning and mental-health needs and the educators discuss their schools’ needs. The show can be viewed on LFA’s YouTube channel ( and Facebook page ( on Feb. 23 at 2 p.m. EST.


February 16, 2021
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