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Podcasting the Immigrant Experience

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Subject English Language Arts — Speaking and Listening, Writing, Social Studies — Current Events, US History
Grade Level Grades 6-12
Resource Type Lesson Plan
Attributes Good for Parents

Attribution Non-commercial ShareAlike



When students interview immigrants about their journey to the U.S., they gain a fuller understanding and empathy on immigration while strengthening their academic and technological skills. It also bridges a connection to current events.  Make immigration relevant and interesting to students when they take ownership of their learning and create a podcast that can be heard both inside and outside the classroom walls. Have them realize that their voices matters as welll as listening. This lesson plan and podcast project was created and implemented by the winner of the American Immigration Council’s Community Grant Program, teacher Tyler Thornburg at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with the intention for the plan to be replicated and adapted. Although the lesson is written for 8th grade students, it can be adapted for students at other grade levels.


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