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Telling the Family Story

Grade Level Grades K-5


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Telling family immigration stories is a powerful way to build community within and outside of the classroom. Whether the story comes from a student, parent, or a school professional, giving voice and an audience to the story opens channels for empathy and understanding on what can be a divisive topic.

The finished product of this lesson is an illustrated book and an opportunity to read the story aloud to others. Although this project could be done digitally, the physical book makes an important gift. This public reading should focus on celebrating, acknowledging, and supporting the immigrant author's triumphs, struggles, and continued efforts to build a new life in the U.S.

This lesson plan was created and implemented by the winner of our 2015-2016 Community Grant, English Language Learner (ELL) Teacher Angeline Sturgis from Eldridge Park School in Lawrence, NJ, with the intention for the plan to be replicated and adapted as appropriate to the individual student and/or family member. 


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