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Poetry Appreciation in English language and in our History

Poetry Appreciation in English language and in our History


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teacher with elementary students

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About This Lesson

DADs        by P J Gammarano, Sr.          from 19 August 2018

There's notes for Mom, but rather few for Dad

that other great gift we've ever had. 

Lived for us happy, maybe taught us ball;

and if a girl, walked up together in the wedding hall.

Through the endless days of noise

they fatherly suffered silently,

but happily, when we were boys...

...or as girls with a major crisis

over a dress, or our broken toys.

Scolding us when they needed to;

if they had to, would bleed through--

to keep us well, to keep us safe, and alive...

...the man we remember, from before we were five.

We love them back, but hardly know,

when we were born, we caused a glow...

...a glow in their hearts, with our infant's cry.

Yet a smile then contagious, from eye to eye.

Dads get one day in the calendar year...

...another unwanted gift, but a nonetheless cheer.

'Cause we are deemed their most cherished gift.

With our every success, gave their spirit a lift.

A man we looked up to, or most of us would,

a man with a good reputation in the neighborhood.

The man we would run to for the question of why;

that big man with the answers, as big as the sky !

His pinky we would hold, to walk around as tots...

...and before he knew it, helped us look for parking spots.

A man we learn more about, as we grow older.

His history we cherish, as in years we grow bolder.

He taught, he loved, even wiped our behinds,

but in older moments filled much in our minds.

Maybe served, if in The Greatest Generation,

and even if not, worked his life in our nation.

Dad is a lifelong job title, as one who protects...

...somehow there when needed, overlooking defects.

The key is to remember best those good times

with one of the two who brought you earthly life;

and if mom has survived, to console her strife...

...since you are a reminder of why they became as one;

remember not sadness, but those hours & years of fun.

Dads' ultimate joys are in you living on, 

for many years after they are gone.

Maybe to hold that same title, in its coveted form,

and grandkids blessed, to exceed the norm.

To think, say, and do for a better earthly place,

as our turn to earn our wings of heavenly grace.

(Prof.) P J Gammarano, Sr.; M.A., J.D.


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Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
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Worked well in the classroom during the days before end of semester, for the next Father's Day, with high school population.
November 05, 2020